Habitats, 2018 | wine, wood, copper pipes

Vernissage, Graduate Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute. Pier 2, Fort Mason, San Francisco

“Fragmented tree roots were seconds, the forest was duration. There have been tales about their habitats; fortifying suns and seas of  madness. In these spaces they undergo transformation. In their absence, a performance of sorts“.

Segmented in three rooms, Habitats is a site specific installation about presence and absence, body and mind, and their relation to time and space.

Invited Performers: Anastasia Rasschupkina & Charlie Ford

Production: Rahil Alimohammad

Special Thanks: Ivan Villareal, David Seok Hoon Boo, Gautama Ramesh, Mrinalini Aggarwal, Jessica Fertonani Cooke, Marc Northstar, Gígja Jónsdóttir, Liang En Chao, Josh Mintz, Sae Lee, Haley Toyama, Leigh Daniels, Chris Paddock, John Hartford, Jayden Romay Ruiz